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At FleetMon, there are lots of different ways to join the team.
How about applying for an internship to get to know our different departments and working fields? Be sure that you’ll not only be here to get your colleagues a coffee!

Use your internship to develop your potential and grow your knowledge. Besides, we offer various kinds of multiannual apprenticeships. We enable you to contribute to major projects in a productive working environment.

Read about our latest intern Tarreq who joined FleetMon for a 6-month internship as part of his studies in the field of computer science.

Meet Tarreq - a Computer Science Intern


“My name is Tarreq, I come from Syria and have been living in Germany for 5 years. I am 23 years old and study computer science at the University of Rostock. My hobbies are swimming, reading and water skiing. I also like to ski in winter. Until the end of August, I have been doing an internship at FleetMon as part of my studies.

During the internship, I worked in web development to increase my knowledge and skills in the area. My daily work was to test and develop the software and to fix problems.

I first became aware of FleetMon at the IT Career Night. This is an event of the Department of Computer Science organised by the University of Rostock each year. At the event, I immediately felt that I would like to work at FleetMon.

I applied for an internship at FleetMon and shortly after received a positive answer. The internship was my first work experience, so I was able to put the knowledge acquired during my studies into practice for the first time. I also got the opportunity to work on large projects. I have expanded my practical knowledge in the field of web development. I also worked on new frameworks, was able to familiarize myself with various topics and try out new tools.

I learned that there is a big difference between studying and doing practical work. I also learned how important it is to communicate and exchange information in a team. Unfortunately, you don’t learn that at university.

What I particularly liked about FleetMon was that all employees get along with each other and have fun at work. I got to work with an open and helpful team. I hope that I will find colleagues like that in my future job, too. I have realized how important a good working atmosphere and teamwork are to me. One thing that I especially remember are the cool team events we had during my internship. Of course, the programming tasks were fun for me as well.”


“FleetMon is very open, modern, and social. As an intern, you’ll work on interesting projects and you’ll get diverse opportunities to develop your skills and your personality. I would definitely recommend working at FleetMon!

I really can’t think of anything to improve regarding the company from my point of view. That’s why I would like to continue to be part of FleetMon. Fortunately, they offered to hire me as a student employee starting in October.”

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